The Meet Your Herdmates Sodcast

14 - Dr. Gary Fettke, MD

December 22, 2020

“Once you see the benefits of LCHF, you cannot unsee them.”

Dr. Gary Fettke is an Orthopaedic Surgeon practising in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

He has a major interest in the preventative medicine and encourages his patients to lose weight before undergoing surgery. Although his speciality is surgery, Gary believes it is much better to help people avoid surgery by taking preventative measures, which often involves primarily altering the diet. He is an advocate of a Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat (LCHF) lifestyle for the health benefits.

He was “a fat kid” and has experienced ‘too many’ other health issues until changing his diet and lifestyle. He has concerns that as we get older the health systems will be under significant stress from financial and health burden aspects. It is simply unsustainable – a train crash in evolution.

In recent years Gary has focussed on the role of diet in the development of diabetes, obesity and cancer. He has been speaking out internationally on the combined role of sugar, fructose, refined carbohydrates and polyunsaturated oils linking together to be behind inflammation and modern disease.

Gary remains committed to understanding the central role of nutrition in everything ranging from our health issues to its role in influencing education, the environmental impact, economics, politics and belief systems.

He has incurred the wrath of regulatory bodies for his stand on public health, but he and his wife, Belinda, remain active defending the benefits of low carb healthy fat living. Their ongoing work has uncovered the vested interests and ideologies shaping nutritional guidelines at an international level.

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