The Meet Your Herdmates Sodcast

18 - Rob Cook

December 31, 2020

Rob Cook, Vice Chair of National Grazing Lands Coalition

Rob grew up in a small ranching and farming community in the Texas Panhandle. He received a B.S. and a M.S. in Range and Wildlife Management from Angelo State University. After graduation Rob spent 15 years consulting land managers on improving/maintaining ecological function on grazing lands across the Southern Great Plains.

Currently, Rob is the Director for Business Development for Bamert Seed Company where he is responsible for developing the strategic plan to deliver high quality native grass, forb, and legume seeds to the agriculture and reclamation industries.

Rob and his wife Landri raise their 2 children in Farwell, Texas. He helps to manage the grazing plans for the stocker operation on the Bamert Seed farms. The Bamerts graze stockers on their farm of over 4,000 acres with the goal of diversifying the operation while improving soil structure, biotic function, and minimizing erosion. He and his wife are also involved in the management of her family’s dry-land farming and stocker operations in Eastern New Mexico.

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