The Meet Your Herdmates Sodcast

29 Ben Neale

February 11, 2021

If you like ribeye steaks, then thank the folks like Ben Neale who produce them. Find out more about raising beef, especially in the Volunteer State. 

Often farmers come from families that have at least one person who was raised in commercial agriculture. But not Ben and Lauren Neale. Ben’s dad did have a small, hobby farm growing up, but was a full-time engineer by trade. Lauren didn’t step foot on a farm until she was in college. Their lack of traditional agriculture background is part of what makes this first-generation farming couple work.
While Ben didn’t grow up on a a commercial operation, he was still influenced by farmers – both in real life and pop culture. “The friends and relationships that had the most impact on my life were farmers. They clearly enjoyed what they did and I was always struck by their values and work ethic,” says Ben. “As a kid, we always had John Wayne movies on more than regular television. Everything I watched and everyone I was surrounded by just made me into someone who wanted to work with cattle.”

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