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33 Dr. Georgia Ede, MD

February 25, 2021

Georgia Ede, Nutritional Psychiatrist

Georgia Ede M.D. is a Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist specializing in nutrition science, brain metabolism, and mental health. She has two decades of clinical experience including many years as a college psychiatrist and nutrition consultant at Smith College and Harvard University Health Services, where she was the first psychiatrist to offer nutrition-based approaches as an alternative to conventional care for students, faculty and staff. Her pre-medical experience includes seven years as a research assistant at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, the Institut für Diabetesforschung in Munich, and other academic laboratories in the fields of biochemistry, immunology and metabolism. 

Dr. Ede speaks internationally on dietary approaches to psychiatric disorders, the nutritional differences between plant and animal foods, Alzheimer’s prevention and management strategies, nutrition science, and public nutrition policy reform. Dr. Ede writes about food and the brain for Psychology Today,, and her own website

Through her virtual consultation practice, she uses nutrition and metabolic interventions to help people around the world address root causes of mental health conditions and reduce the need for psychiatric medications. To improve public access to nutritional and metabolic services, she recently launched a live, online, small-group clinician training program in ketogenic diets for mental health which has already been completed by dozens of health professionals in 14 countries.

Georgia Ede's website -
"Little Shop of Horrors? The Risks and Benefits of Eating Plants" -
"Brainwashed — The Mainstreaming of Nutritional Mythology" -
"The Real Game Changer" -

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