The Meet Your Herdmates Sodcast

57 Richard Teague, PhD

May 20, 2021

"Can Soil Health Equal Rancher Wealth? Adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing is regenerating soils, watersheds, critical ecosystem services and livelihoods in North America. Early data shows soil carbon is the essential currency for this vibrancy. We are building on these early results with multi-disciplinary research conducted with regenerative ranchers in different regions of US."

Dr. Richard Teague is a Retired Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University's AgriLife Center at Vernon, Texas. The purpose of his research is to conduct a ranch-scale, multi-county assessment that addresses objectives in the context of improving Soil Health and ecosystem services in grazing ecosystems as the foundation to improving ranch-based livelihoods and as they relate to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. This involves determining: 1) the extent that grazing strategies influence key ecosystem services in the Southern Plains of the USA; and 2) the extent that different grazing management strategies can be used by livestock producers to mitigate and adapt to alternative climate change scenarios.

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