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60 Brian Sanders

June 1, 2021

Documentary filmmaker, podcaster, health coach, businessman. 

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then turned to technology and sold an app company. He’s used his technical background and love for fitness & nutrition to also work as a Health Coach and be the co-founder of the health, media, and technology company SAPIEN (,

Brian Sanders is the filmmaker behind the feature-length documentary "Food Lies" and host of the Peak Human podcast. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works as a Health Coach at Evolve Healthcare and co-founded the health education company SAPIEN. He also works to spread the awareness of regenerative agriculture and increase access to well-raised animal products through his company Nose to Tail.

Brian's "Peak Human" podcast -

'Food Lies' looks at the sordid history of our dietary guidelines, the epidemic of chronic disease and obesity that followed, what the new science is telling us humans should actually be eating, and how to eat that food sustainably

Game Changers DEBUNKED (The Film) Just the Science -
Game Changers DEBUNKED (The Film) w/ Deleted Scenes -

Brian on twitter - @FoodLiesOrg and Instagram - @food.lies

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