The Meet Your Herdmates Sodcast

64 Ben Campbell

June 29, 2021

Ben Campbell is a: Third- & first-generation rancher; Recovering engineer; Conservationist; and Environmental advocate.

He's one of the guardians of the grasslands.

"Since 1970, 84% of grassland species have been lost."

"If you borrow something, you return it in better condition"

Grazed Right -

"Guardians of the Grasslands" -

"Guardians of the Grasslands" Launch Event -

Lost Rivers Grazing Academy -

Jim Gerrish & American Grazinglands Services LLC -

Ranching for Profit School -

Soil Health Academy -

Cattlemen's Young Leaders -

Waldron Ranch - & an article from Canadian Cattlemen -

Engineers Without Borders Canada -

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